Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tips for the perfect New Years Party!

Are you bravely opening your doors this New Years Eve and inviting friends and family for a celebration of the last night of 2010 and the start of 2011. Throwing a great New Years Eve party can be much easier than you might imagine. With a few simple decorations and the right music and lighting you can turn a normal everyday home into the perfect party house. I have found some great tips on that will help you throw the perfect party this new years eve.

10 Tips To A Fabulous New Year’s Eve Party
1.  Keep It Simple
Don’t outdo yourself.  Seriously, didn’t we just come through Christmas? You and your family and your guests will enjoy themselves at a simple party.
2.  Invite Friends
Keep your guest list to people you truly enjoy being with.  Chances are that you just had some stressful family times, so make your New Year’s party comfortable and as stress-free as possible!
3. Keep Decorations Minimal
Don’t put away all the Christmas decorations just yet.  Use silver and gold ornaments to fill vases for New Year’s! Last year, I arranged a display of various clocks on my piano. It was a cute, easy display.
4.  Functional Favors
It’s fun to use party horns to decorate and they are perfect for ringing or blasting in the New Year. Functional decor rocks!
source: martha stewart
5.  Fabulous Food
Each year everyone brings their favorite appetizer or hors d’oeuvres.  We always end up with a fabulous spread including some of the following:
If you’re in a cupcake mood, check out these amazing cupcake wrappers & toppers by Paper Scissors Cake.  They are GORG!
6.  Cozy Drinks
My hubs is a coffee connoisseur, so we always have plenty of that and apple cider. Also, sparkling water and sparkling grape juice sound pretty awesome right about now!
7.  Fun Games
Our favorite group games are Four On A Couch, Apples To Apples, Catch Phrase & Taboo. We love to laugh and our parties are never quiet.  Fun!
8.  Time To Reflect
At some point in the evening, we all share something that we are thankful for from 2010.  It’s exciting to look back at the year and what God’s done in our hearts and lives. It’s equally exciting to look ahead to a brand new year!
9.  Fireworks To Ring…or Boom In The New Year
I think our older neighbors probably jump out of their skin when we set off fireworks at midnight.  One family always brings their “canon” which totally ka-booms sooooo loud!  Last year it was so cold outside that I watched the fireworks from inside the house. Ha!
10.  Sleep In On New Year’s Day
Did someone say sleep in?  Oh yes, glorious thought!  We usually relax on New Year’s Day and have a wonderful, ham and black eyed peas dinner at my parents’ house. I love traditions!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Holiday Travel : Get there safer

With Christmas fast approaching many of us will be loading our trunks with suitcases and presents and trekking across the country to visit friends and family. And while waking up on Christmas morning surrounded by friends and family is a joy, getting there can be an absolute nightmare. I found a few great tips on that can help you arrive safely to your holiday destination.

Preventing a breakdown
Antifreeze should be checked every year to make sure it will protect against freezing, AAA says. Motorists should also maintain tire pressure according to the vehicle manufacturer's recommendation, not the number stamped on the tires, the motor club advises.
Cold weather can reduce tire inflation and put more strain on batteries, so making sure everything is in good shape is key to guarding against car trouble.
Also inspect belts and hoses, lights, windshield wipers and fluid levels before hitting the road. And if you've been having any trouble with braking, the exhaust system or the heater, have those assessed before your trip, AAA recommends.
Snow and ice preparation
It's a good idea to pack some things that could get you out of a snowdrift this time of year.
AAA recommends a winter driving kit made up of the following: a bag of abrasive material (sand, salt or cat litter), a snow shovel and brush, traction mats, an ice scraper, booster cables, a flashlight, window washing liquid, cloth, warning flares or triangles, a cell phone, gloves and a blanket.
If you do get stuck, you can contact AAA via phone, iPhone app or at
Driving in wintry weather
Some holiday travelers are bound to encounter snow and ice en route to the festivities. If you have to drive in conditions with low visibility, go slowly with your headlights on low beam, AAA advises. Allow at least double the usual following distance between cars.
Never use cruise control on a slick surface. Steering around an obstruction is often safer than braking suddenly at speeds above 25 mph on a slippery surface, according to AAA's pamphlet (PDF) "How to Go on Ice and Snow."
When you do brake, don't remove your foot from the brake or pump the pedal if you have antilock brakes, AAA advises. Drivers of cars that don't have antilock brakes should keep their heel on the floor and apply firm pressure to the brake pedal to the threshold of locking.
In case of skidding, steer in the direction you want the front of the car to go, keeping your eyes on your travel path. And don't slam on the brakes; you're likely to make it harder to get back in control.

If you have any great holiday travel tips or fun travel stories please share them in the comments section below. Happy Holidays!!!!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Plano Homes : Save the planet and some money while you are at it!

Plano Homes : Wouldn't it be nice to save a little money this holidays season while also helping the planet? Well, it is possible to do both. I have found some great tips on the California Energy Commissions website that will not only keep the planet a little greener but will also keep a little more green in your wallet; and who doesn't like that around the holiday season. The great part is you don't even need to buy a pair of Birkenstocks and a Tye-dye shirt to help. Just check out this article at Plano Homes : Energy Saving Tips and see what small changes you can make that might have a big impact.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Plano Homes : Forbes names Plano, Texas safest city in America!

Plano Homes : Wow! Forbes magazine has just named Plano, Texas the safest city in America. That is quite an impressive feat considering it tops a list that includes cities like New York, New York, Honolulu, Hawaii, and San Diego, California. What put Plano on top of the list was the fact that the city has the lowest rate of violent crimes in ALL major cities. Plano, Texas has always been known as a terrific city, and a great majority of the citizens will sing its praises loudly, but to be recognized by Forbes as the Safest City in America is something Plano can truly hang its hat on. To check out the entire Forbes article and see the complete list of cities that made the list go to Plano Homes : America’s Safest City.

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