Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Plano homes will benefit from preventative maintenence

Now that the weather has turned a little cooler in Plano we need to think about making sure that our biggest investment stays in good condition.  This is a great time of year to do some preventative maintenance around the house.  The list below will provide Plano homeowners with the fundamental items that you can do without hiring a professional.  click here for more information on Plano real estate.

-Remove leaves and debris from gutters and downspouts.
-Pressure-wash wood siding to prevent mold.
-Check the exterior paint for bare spots.
-Inspect and replace exterior caulk.
-Check window and door sills for leaks and caulk where necessary.
-Clean air conditioning unit.
-Check the foundation.
-Trim trees and bushes.
-Check the sprinkler system.
-Check all decks for loose boards, railings, and stairs.
-Inspect the condition of the roof.
-Check window screens.
-Check fences and gates.
-Check the automatic garage door opener.
-Examine the septic system for flooding or unusual odor.
-Check the latches on storm windows.
-Inspect the grading around the house to make sure water drains away from the house on all sides.
-Check outside walls for termite tubes and damaged wood.
-Clean and seal tile and grout.
-Check and fix leaky faucets.
-Clean and seal tile and grout.
-Make sure all toilets are properly secured to the floor.
-Check and fix leaky faucets and toilets.
-Check the attic for signs of moisture (i.e., water stains on the underside of the roof sheathing).
-Check all wooden materials for mildew and rot.
-Look for indications of a pest infestation.
Miscellaneous Interior
-Clean out ashes from the fireplace.
-Replace the batteries in your smoke detectors.
-Replace batteries in clocks.
-Clean furnace ducts.
-Change furnace filters.
-Check the main electrical panel for rust and/or water marks.
-Test circuit breakers.
-Inspect fire extinguisher.
-Check walls for condensation and mildew

This list is courtesy of RISmedia.


  1. Perfectly shaped site, excellent design, the sea is very useful information, an excellent tool for the job. Thank you for your professionalism!

  2. Plano was awesome I lived there for 5 months and Its so clean I remember I went to Runner Middle School

    Go Mustangs!!


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