Monday, November 22, 2010

Plano Home Prices Still Holding Steady

Corelogic released it's latest report on Friday and while it show continued downward pressure on home prices in many areas, the DFW and Plano area are still showing flat to slightly lower prices.   The 12 month Home Price Index for the DFW-Plano-Irving area shows a -1.25% decrease when adjusted for distressed properties.  When foreclosures and other types of distressed sales are taken out of the equation the index shows a gain of .33%. 

As a state, Texas is in better shape than most of the country as well.  Texas ranks 12th in terms of states with the best 12 month HPI scores.  The five states showing the greatest depreciation were Idaho (-14.04%), Alabama (-8.9%), Mississippi (-8.3%), Florida (-7.68%) and New Mexico (-7.47%). The mean was -2.81%.  and the average was -2.79%.

The State of Texas, DFW metroplex, and the Plano area in general continue to show a balance in pricing.  September's index is the first negative index for Texas this year.

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