Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Plano Homes : Forbes names Plano, Texas safest city in America!

Plano Homes : Wow! Forbes magazine has just named Plano, Texas the safest city in America. That is quite an impressive feat considering it tops a list that includes cities like New York, New York, Honolulu, Hawaii, and San Diego, California. What put Plano on top of the list was the fact that the city has the lowest rate of violent crimes in ALL major cities. Plano, Texas has always been known as a terrific city, and a great majority of the citizens will sing its praises loudly, but to be recognized by Forbes as the Safest City in America is something Plano can truly hang its hat on. To check out the entire Forbes article and see the complete list of cities that made the list go to Plano Homes : America’s Safest City.

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  1. Finally it's available in a Texas!! Great news, greetings to all!


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