Friday, January 14, 2011

Apartment prices set to climb; could now be a good time to buy?

It has never been much of a problem for people to find an apartment to rent in and around Dallas. Well, that is about to change in the next year economists claim. Builders are unable to keep up with the growing demand for rental properties thus the rents on existing properties could rise steeply in the next year. And that is why NOW might be a great time to start thinking about buying as opposed to renting. Instead of paying double what you pay today to rent that same apartment next year wouldn't it be nicer to have a place that is all yours? Where you know nobody is going to double the price it costs to live in your home year after year? With interest rates still so low, often times your house payment can be less than an apartment payment, and you are building equity. And while Dallas didn't see the housing prices decline like they did in states like Florida and California there are still some great deals out there for hungry buyers. Before you sign that next lease you owe it to yourself to sit down with a real estate professional and at least look at all of your options. You could very easily save alot of money by buying this year as opposed to renting another apartment for a year.

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