Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Real Estate Myth Busted : Selling your home over the holidays

Collin County Market Watch  : Real Estate Myth Busted : Selling your home over the holidays

Real Estate Myth Busted: The Holiday Season can actually
Be a great time to Sell Your Home
Thanksgiving is only a few days away and with it comes the unofficial start of the holiday season. Every year around this time our team (The Jan Webb Team) speaks with many home seller's who are under the impression that you should not try to sell your home over the holiday season. There are many reasons why this may not be the case. Below are 10 great reasons why the holidays may be a right time to sell your home.

1)  People looking for homes over the holiday season  are typically serious buyers.

2)  Inventory of homes is down giving serious buyers    less options to choose from.

3) Home supply will increase in January giving the buyers more options and sometimes driving down selling prices.

4) Buyers tend to be more emotional over the holiday season and will tend to spend more money on getting what they want.

5) Buyers will have more time to look over the holiday season; including weekdays.

6) Corporate relocation buyers sometimes must move at the beginning of the year as opposed to waiting until spring or summertime.

7) Some buyers must purchase before the end of the year for certain tax implications.

8) Homes show better when decorated for the holiday season.

9) You always have the option to decline a showing in case of holidays parties or guests while still having your home on the market

10)      By selling your home now you can take advantage of the market from the buyer's prospective in January when more homes become available and prices may decline.

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